Monday, February 16, 2009

Bag B, Day 2

I needed really to go out and do laundry today and buy groceries and hit Walgreen's – the ordinary weekend tasks, which had not yet got done – but this morning it was raining steadily and outside the windows the trees were thrashing in storm blasts, so I started sewing instead.

And by midmorning I had assembled the basic body parts of Bag B, as I described it here yesterday.

This was when the weather cleared. There was about a 4-hour space between the end of one storm and the beginning of the next one. I was both sorry and glad. Glad that I did after all have a chance to get the laundry done and the staples purchased. Sorry to realize that this would mean there would not be time to finish the bag today, considering that the handles and the lining still waited to be tackled. But the project is looking promising. One more session should see it finished.