Monday, February 2, 2009

Mission Street

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the city has approved demolition of this deserted movie theater and construction of condos in its place. Recent zoning revisions restrict all new buildings on Mission Street to a maximum height of 65 feet. But the condo development on this site will be allowed to go to 85 feet, although the Board of Supervisors is reported to be angry about the exception, which happens to have been extended to a developer who is also a serious financial supporter of the Mayor.

Many shoppers this afternoon on Mission Street where the prices are low and the goods are plentiful. I stayed on Mission for about a mile, then cut over sideways and stumbled upon a completely unfamiliar alley. And got so caught up with the images there that I forgot to look at the street signs and find out where I was.

At the end, I found a wall that is still waiting for its mural.