Saturday, May 30, 2009

Upper Fillmore

Rode the 24 over as far as Jackson & Fillmore to buy some lip balm at Kiehl's. Wandered north a couple of blocks on foot to look down at the fog over San Francisco Bay. Sidewalks here are steep enough to be constructed as stair steps.

At the intersection of Fillmore & Broadway a car had recently crashed into and killed a tree, in spite of the welded cage of armor around its trunk. Note headlight left behind on the ground near the orange cone.

By and large it is a neighborhood of large and healthy trees. Silent spacious houses. Tight-trimmed privet.

No shortage of urns either.

On Fillmore between Jackson and Washington there is a tiny shop called Mureta Antiques. One window (below) is packed solid with vintage cups and saucers.

The fog casts a dim uniform light on all this fragility.