Sunday, August 9, 2009

Spencer Alley Sunrise

Warm bright weather arrived this weekend to surprise us in San Francisco. The sun woke me up early leaking in at every window and I ran around the flat in my pajamas documenting the novelty of its arrival.

By afternoon the sunlight outside took on a glaring intensity and the cool indoors became the place to stay. My computer tech Tom You came over to copy files and applications onto the laptop that I plan on taking to New York with me next month. He also threw in a tutorial on blogging from the laptop so that Spencer Alley can move seamlessly to Manhattan for its autumn vacation. With Tom's help I now feel mildly confident, but in the past at one time or another I have seen most of my favorite bloggers go blithely out of town on vacation and then run into cataclysmic internet hassles and failures and traumas, the like of which I am hoping to avoid by means of all this cautious foresight. (This last chunk of today's post is an add-on edit done for practice from the laptop, and lo! It worketh!)