Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Scenery

Volunteers plant and maintain this garden outside the San Francisco public health clinic on 17th at Pond in the Castro. The first half of the day was foggy (and that's when I took the pictures below) but in the afternoon the sun came out and a breeze blew and everything looked festive.

Pink ostrich collage behind glass near Golden Gate Park, on Fulton at Stanyan. The dangling pink feathers seem to have been plucked from the ostrich's tail, but I do not know where its head went. Left behind in the sand?

The brick building at 16th & Capp that once housed the San Francisco Labor Temple was until just this summer the long-time home of Theatre Rhinocerous, which has moved south of Market "in response to challenges with our former lease and the transitional nature of our former neighborhood" (transitional to be read here as code for rapidly gentrifying). San Francisco is preponderantly a city of bourgeois managerial types and so-called professionals now. Labor has to make do without a temple, just as the former temple has to make do without Theatre Rhinocerous.

View from the Spencer Alley kitchen windows. Renovations continue in the empty apartment building that backs onto the same area as this one. Now they need a nice brick patio where since time immemorial there has just been a dirt patch. Before laying those evil-looking bricks the workers dug up and exterminated some venerable red-hot poker plants along the fence. I do hope the lusty eucalyptus tree (whose upper branches filter the light through the windows up here) will be able to reach enough water with its roots under these new antiseptic conditions.