Friday, September 11, 2009

Urban Friday

It's a bright warm early autumn day in San Francisco. Took an extra day off work to get a haircut and get packed for the flight to New York tomorrow (where at present it is raining heavily, as I see on TV, and the final rounds of the US Open are delayed). A quiet little vacation is planned, rain or shine – walking in the park, looking at paintings, visiting Zabar's. There will also be the quiet little challenge of taking Spencer Alley out of town for the first time (I've read several different stories about bloggers dropping their laptops and/or cameras down elevator shafts in strange hotels).

On the walk over to Mystic Haircutting this morning it seemed like picture after picture was offering itself when I wasn't even thinking about taking pictures at all. So here they are, the pictures of San Francisco saying au revoir, as if aware that I won't be here to witness any more of its beauties for a whole week.

These last few were all taken in Caledonia Alley along the side of the brown-shingled Episcopal church there, which is quite spruce and well-kept on its other, more public sides.