Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wise Man

I admired this Wise Man statue at Mystic Haircutting in San Francisco and my barber said yes when I asked to take its picture.

Then with freshly cut hair I walked over to the MUNI stop on Market Street and watched the white-aproned workers inside Zuni Cafe laying fresh tables in preparation for the weekend lunch rush.

Rode the street car up to Golden Produce at Church and Market, where I admired the about-to-be-recycled cardboard box (below) that once held 22 cantaloupes. A certain amount of Forced Air Cooling would have been welcome from my point of view (even though I am not a cantaloupe) with the weather as hot as it was this weekend.

Later walked from the Mission over to Japantown along Fillmore, and noticed that all the pedestrians were walking on the shady side of the street in an effort to keep as cool as possible.

The two pictures above show the parking-lot-cum-outdoor-social-area of a big busy community church at Fillmore and McAllister. That elongated display of artificial flowers conceals picnic tables where one fancies many potluck meals are enjoyed, weather permitting.

A bonanza today in the way of artificial flowers. And just like those at the church, the ones above are supplemented with living plants. A happy symbiosis.

And these four lucky tenants get to see the polyester orchids and plastic lilies as they go out and come in every day, but Kathleen is the only one we are encouraged to call by name.

My Japantown destination was the Kabuki, where I got an outstanding massage from an old friend named Giovanni, the best in the business.