Sunday, December 13, 2009

Graphic Graphics

Errands in the Castro during a short break in the rain. At Cliff's I found suede cleaner (for the black wallabees that I love but that were starting to look like they'd been tied to the back of a honeymoon car). I got some gift paper there too, and a head of organic romaine at Buffalo Market, plus some other quotidian dribs and drabs. And then was hurrying home (in hopes of not getting drenched, as happened to me yesterday – when my beloved green suede IPaths leaked so badly that I felt compelled to throw them out when I got back to Spencer Alley – which goes a long way toward explaining the decision to take better care of the wallabees).

But I could not let the above sticker-stencils pass unrecorded into oblivion once I had caught sight of them pasted illegally onto a couple of adjacent news-vending boxes. Within a couple of days the rain will have obliterated these sly shadow-puppet homages to Tom of Finland.