Saturday, December 26, 2009

Quoted Snow

This Is Naive comes across as a casual meandering blog, and is even subtitled "miscellany of a girl's life" as if there is not much substance to it. But that miscellaneous-minded girl at the same time in a sidebar carefully lists the specs of TEN cameras she regularly uses in generating her supposedly miscellaneous imagery. The work is uniformly lovely, quirky, informative. One of the few bookmarks I never click in vain or with disappointment, only with surprise and satisfaction.

Snow fell in London during the afternoon and evening a few days before Christmas and This Is Naive was on the scene from the first flurries floating in the air (and not sticking on the ground) to the accumulation of a respectable coating all over everything. I picked a sampling from this sequence and offer it here in the spirit of an abbreviated poem, hoping to lure viewers/readers into checking out the source itself.