Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tomma Abts

Since the 1990s, German-born Tomma Abts has lived and worked in London, steadily refining her now-well-known, minimal-geometrical-illusionistic style. Each work measures 48 x 38 cm, with a vertical orientation.

In 2006 Tomma Abst won the Turner Prize and received it at Tate Britain (as seen above) from the illustrious hands of top-hatted Yoko Ono. The judges declared that Tomma Abst had produced "compelling images that reveal their complexity slowly over time."

I also discovered that the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art purchased a Tomma Abst painting in that same Turner Prize year, 2006 (probably a lot of museums were throwing money at her at that moment) but if the Tomma Abst purchase has ever gone on display at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, it must have been when my back was turned. In 2008 the painting did go on display – not in San Francisco but in New York – as part of the artist's first U.S. solo show, organized by the New Museum.