Monday, February 15, 2010

Universal Pit

A postcard collection digitized by the National Library of Wales.

The "Universal" Pit, Senghenydd, where over 400 miners were entombed on Tuesday, Oct. 14th, 1913.

Sons & Brothers waiting at Senghenydd.

Welsh Pit Disaster. A little mother waiting for news.

Welsh Pit Disaster. A Street in Senghenydd. A Victim in every House.

Disaster at the "Universal" Pit, Senghenydd. "Candy," one of the oldest horses.

Universal Pit, Senghenydd. The Canary that was carried down the Mine to test the air.

The Great Welsh disaster at Senghenydd. Removing some of the Victims.

The Welsh Pit Disaster at Senghenydd. Some of the Victims of The Disaster being brought from the Cage.

Welsh Pit Disaster. Lady St. David's visit to the Pit.

The scene outside the mortuary at Senghenydd at the "Universal" Pit.

Welsh Pit Disaster. Local Clergy giving help.

Welsh Pit Disaster. One of the many sad scenes at Senghenydd.

Welsh Pit Disaster. Salvation Army Pitman's Funeral passing through Senghenydd.

Welsh Pit Disaster. Salvationist Pitman's Coffin (Colour Sargeant E. Gilbert)