Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winter Green

Crisp light on Tuesday in Golden Gate Park after a Monday night that poured rain for many hours. On Potrero Hill in the afternoon, a sight of the world's longest crosswalk.

Also on Potrero Hill, returning from the regular Tuesday session with my extremely patient yoga teacher (who has great need of all her patience in my case) I saw the strangely familiar-looking stickers below. Later on at home it took me a little while to troll through the back files of Spencer Alley and verify an earlier appearance of VAMPIRE WIZARD ZEUS posted here in October 2008.

In the same block I could not (given the dazzling daylight) fail to notice something further – this dedicatory tablet glowing quite as serenely as if it had not been halfway destroyed and relegated to neglect on an outlying wing of San Francisco's sprawling animal shelter complex.

A print of this last photo might have worked well as background for a home-made Valentine at the party last weekend. I should make a note to bring it along next year.