Sunday, May 2, 2010


We love nasturtiums in the East Bay garden where I do my best to encourage my daughter's roses. Nasturtiums come up wherever there are gaps in the garden. Nasturtiums are reliable.

Above is the new mix of plants for the big ceramic pot on the front porch – silver gray, purple and orange.

This pink rose is incredibly fragrant. The blooms only last for a day or two and then the petals fall quietly to the ground.

The yellow rose is a reluctant bloomer. The bush seems healthy, but unambitious.

Several large pots of violas needed to be thinned down to keep the plants from getting leggy. The trimmings went into this quaint two-chambered painted-tin receptacle.

Planted some new pots of annuals to mix in with these established residents.

The delphinium is coming into its proper fullness. And the new peony bush is visible at bottom center, settling in well.

This ivory-colored rose seems to me to be a just-about ideal evocation of high-Edwardian taste. It is an Oscar Wilde sort of rose.