Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Garden

Our sweet pea seedlings are beginning to find their blind way up the strings and attach their purposeful tendrils. I gave them some extra food because they are planted along the edge of a fence where there is only a marginal amount of soil.

One of the new foxgloves has started blooming in the East Bay garden where one of my daughter's roses is blooming pink in the fuzzy background. The second foxglove is setting its buds, but the third one still seems to be a bit dormant, though a good hearty green.

And the delphinium is approaching its culmination. It is a little uncanny how closely the delphinium color (above) matches the petunia color (below).

The peony bud (above) on the bush that we planted two weeks ago here, continues to meditate with intensity about the hour when it will open. I think that hour will arrive shortly.

We only saw a few iris blossoms this year, due to the trauma when the bed was broken up and transplanted last year. But these few late ones are all the more welcome and seem all the more beautiful.