Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mix Disc

This disc is a slightly early birthday present made by my daughter for me and showcasing nineteen tracks of music that are currently enjoying favor on her iPod. In honor of the blessed arrival of Mabel Watson Payne, the 2011 birthday compilation is entitled Footie Pyjamas. And as usual when one of these traditional gifts is conveyed, there are no clues about the identities of the singers or the songs and it becomes my job to make my best guesses. Which I herewith am attempting to do.

1. Little Potato / by Malcolm Dalglish, as recorded by Metamora on The Great Road.

2. Three is a Magic Number / by Bob Dorough, as recorded by Blind Melon on Best of Blind Melon.

3. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, as recorded by a so-far-unidentified man with a puzzling accent and a banjo. [CORRECT ANSWER: Pete Seeger]

4. Oh Darling / by the Beatles, as recorded by Dana Fuchs, from the soundtrack Across the Universe.

5. Lights / by Journey, as recorded on Infinity.

6. Ladybug Picnic / as recorded by Elizabeth Mitchell on You Are My Sunshine.

7. Modern Girl / by Sleater-Kinney, as recorded on The Woods.

8. In My Life / by the Beatles, as recorded by Johnny Cash.

9. Free To Be ... You And Me / as recorded by The New Seekers on Free To Be ... You And Me.

10. Unidentified composition, sung in Pig Latin accompanied by Toy Instruments. [CORRECT ANSWER: the song is Baby, as recorded by Bruno Coulais from the soundtrack to the movie Babies]

11. Poker Face / by Lady Gaga, as recorded on The Fame Monster.

12. I Love a Rainy Night / by Eddie Rabbit, as recorded on I Love a Rainy Night.

13. I Love You Sweet Baby / by Kimya Dawson, as recorded on Alphabutt.

14. Let It Be / by the Beatles, as recorded by Carol Woods and Timothy T. Mitchum on the soundtrack Across the Universe.

15. All Is Love / as recorded by Karen O on the soundtrack Where the Wild Things Are.

16. Amazing Grace / as recorded by a so-far-unidentified soulful woman of mature years (not Aretha Franklin) [CORRECT ANSWER: as recorded by Cat Power (who is young)]

17. Be Yourself / by Graham Nash, as used on the soundtrack for Up In the Air.

18. Empire State of Mind / by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.

19. Daughter / by Loudon Wainwright III, as recorded on Strange Weirdos and used in the film Knocked Up.