Monday, June 20, 2011


Basic Science

One cadaver said to the other
cadaver, "You're my cadaver."

The conversation ended there
but not its effects.

Their souls had evaporated.

It was up to love to raise them
from their litters and let them

arrive as the living poor
at the surface of earth. It did.

At first the maculate pair
poked and picked through refuse.

Denials were their daily breads.
Then they were sold to those

who found their fertility a bonus.
Owned then by the living with names

and fortunes, with lovers who say,
"Lover, I'm your lover,"

cadavers were still the majority.
They kept creation going and love

as well  like hands on a cold
or sunburned back – a weight

with properties that animate.

– from Fanny Howe's new book, Emergence