Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blue Chair

When I showed up at Mabel Watson Payne's place on Friday afternoon, she was still napping. This child has been sleeping longer and more deeply in the afternoons, perhaps partly because she feels more comfortable in her new toddler bed, set up much like a grown-up bed – with proper pillow and blankets and space to thrash around, as humans like to do. She continued to sleep for three quarters of an hour after I arrived, a span of time I made use of by experimenting with photographs using the smallest possible aperture (f/16 on my camera). This setting demands such slow shutter-speeds that a tripod becomes essential – except that I had the leisure to prop the camera on various pieces of furniture for the same purpose. 

That clear warm-colored afternoon sunlight that people in San Francisco associate with October has extended its existence into November, at least for the first few days. .