Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pink Plastic

There was a newly installed series of elevated wading pools at the playground Mabel took me to on 4th of July morning. She came prepared with a plastic cup, filling it over and over again from the pump and pouring the contents ritually back into the pool.

This has not been a warm and sunny summer so far in San Francisco. But starting with Pride Weekend, just past, a spell of bright and balmy whether something like what other cities typically enjoy in the summer has displaced the low dark foggy skies of our own summer. Mabel's return from Mexico with her parents coincided with this warming-up of the local atmosphere just enough to maximize the fun of the elaborate new rock-carved water feature shown above. It was fun beyond fun for a two-year-old early on the 4th of July to wade in comfort and at liberty, filling and emptying her pink cup as often as she liked. Yet I might venture to predict these attractive elevated pools will be empty of children more often than full as the months progress, because the weather will usually be too frigid for the hyper-vigilant parents in the surrounding upscale neighborhoods to let the million-dollar piggy-toes of their offspring.turn blue with cold.