Friday, February 28, 2014

Perra Perdida

Mezclar, ocasionar reacciones, efervescencias, espesamiento. Tratar con lo místico y lo perverso. ¿Acaso sigue el yo animal atado a su correa?

Mixing, causing reactions, effervescences, thickening. Dealing in the mystical and the perverse. Is the animal self still on a leash?
To fizz.

Gabriela Jauregui wrote this meditation in Spanish and in English as part of a  longer text for Perra Perdida, a collaborative exhibition by Allison Katz and Camilla Wills at LULU, "an independent, Mexico City-based project space founded and run by the artist Martin Soto Climent and the independent curator Chris Sharp."

"The posters take as their starting point a found “chienne perdue” announcement, which Katz picked up in Quebec during the summer of 2011. Parodying the codes of information, the telephone number of the frantic owner is replaced with that of the curator. Katz and Wills take further liberties with the function of a poster: advertising the show becomes the show itself, another deferral, as a variety of information (title, names, venue, dates, city, contact information) circulates throughout the series of announcements, none of which take precedence as the official version."

"Down the hall, the action of the wall mural is a repetition and rearrangement of the posters. Redacted and abbreviated, they are a shorthand plea. Through the persistence of repetition, the trauma they announce is reclaimed as a source of pleasure; the decorative absorbs the loss. The pattern is indexical of the walk, the rhythmic call, the lack, and equally the excess of the search. Similar to propaganda textiles fabricated during WWII, an unlikely theme is promoted inside the usually safe, or neutrally, decorated interior. In a direct refutation of the flâneur or the tourist, Katz and Wills insert themselves into the context of Mexico City through a fantasy insistence that they have a pet, as only someone local could have, and by extension, are not lost or temporary, but already rooted in a sense of daily life."