Sunday, April 12, 2015

Eating Salami

Mabel's mother came home from the grocery store on Sunday afternoon.Putting her groceries away, she discovered a salami package in the refrigerator with just a few slices in it. This she offered to Mabel and me, to dispose of by consumption.

The two of them had been drawing together earlier, before I came in. Mabel colored a red jeep and drew a firm rectangular red border around it. My daughter drew the butterfly chair in the living room. When they showed their pieces to me, they also posed their hands.

The picture below is my own George Orwell tote bag at the Mission BART station. Inside the tote bag is a container of fruit salad from my local produce market. Mabel likes this particular fruit salad because there is more truly worthwhile fruit in it from her perspective pieces of plum and papaya, strawberries, peach and nectarine chunks, ruby grapefruit.